what is it & why do we offer it?

We’re all familiar with subscription services these days in various forms, such as a mobile phone contract, a television streaming service or your internet provider. It’s a convenient way to break a payment down into more manageable chunks. We saw this trend and wondered why it wasn’t so common in the design industry and this is where the idea of MWKA Marketing was born.

In 2018, over 99% of UK businesses fell into the small business category, which is quite a remarkable statistic. Startups and small businesses often find themselves in position where their ambition to grow is hindered by the difficulties of employing the talent they need. When it comes to your brand, finding a designer with all of the skills needed is an expensive option, hiring a team of specialists is even more so.

That is, until now. With our subscription model we can be that team for you, operating like a dedicated and reliable in-house team as per your requirements. We’re there when you need us and not costing you money when you don’t, meaning you’re in control of your own overheads.

so how does it work?

We’re obsessed with making the process as easy as possible for our clients, so we created our ‘BOX’ deals. These are are tailor-made packages, aiming to include the services most valuable to any given client, making the perfect starting point. As all clients are different, we encourage every one to think outside the BOX and tweak their package to match their exact requirements. This can be in the form of swapping the included services on request, or through add-ons we can supply on both a rolling and an ad-hoc basis.

We’re also open to any clients putting their own BOX together from scratch, with every request being priced on a bespoke case by case scenario. So if you have any suggestions or questions in this regard you’re always more than welcome to drop us an enquiry. Whether you’ve got a clear idea of what you need or could use a little guidance, we’ll work with you to put a package together that’s perfect for your business.

Once you’ve got your dream BOX laid out in front of you, with the price and terms agreed, you’ll be given a proposal and a payment plan outlining the dates for your monthly subscription to be collected via direct debit. If you’d like more information about this aspect of the service we provide, we’d recommend getting in touch and we can answer any questions you may have.

what are the ongoing benefits?

We pride ourselves on giving our clients top quality work with a real value for money. Our subscription model enables us to give the most complete service for one affordable monthly payment. Being a subscription customer means that you’re guaranteed access to everything in your package as well as highly discounted rates for add-ons which can either be added into your subscription or treated as a monthly supplement.

We also offer a greater degree of longevity to the services we provide, inclusive of your package. Essentially, we view the subscription model as the perfect way for the client to receive a great deal more for the money as we’re then able to dedicate ourselves to you every month. So rather than pay today and speak again in a few years’ time when you’re outdated again, we can always keep things moving and ensure you never get left behind.

This translates into everything we do. Whatever package you’re signed up to, it’s always our ethos to be proactive about making sure you never fall behind in a fast-paced digital world. Your monthly payment ensures we dedicate time and energy to you and your business regularly; which makes being outdated, well…outdated.

a couple of examples...

Just to try and give you a bit more information about our subscription service, we thought it would be a good idea to maybe show you one or two examples of a BOX for a little added insight. So take a look through to see how we like to structure the ongoing nature of the package, essentially a set of services grouped into a neat and tidy product that you can then subscribe to. Now there are endless combinations and variations that we won’t bore you with, but here are two examples to be going on with.

What better example to give than our flagship package, the Startup BOX? Targeting startups and small businesses, this contains everything you need to get you started as you go about growing your idea, with an affordable price of £95p/m. The thing is, every client is different, so we encourage tailoring the BOX to the individual. We’re always happy to change jobs of a similar level without it affecting your monthly payment. Or if you need something extra that’s not included, why not make it an add-on? It’s super easy! Check out our Startup BOX now.

Another perfect example of our focus on longevity is with our Web BOX. For just £65 per month you get your awesome new website as well as the domain registration, monthly hosting and unlimited updates. So throughout 12 months of the contract your website is always well maintained, then upon renewal at the end of Year One it will receive a revamp, followed by a redesign when renewed again 12 months later. If this sounds interesting, we’d recommend visiting the Web BOX page to find out more.




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