creating a brand for our parent company!

Being part of a family of businesses is something that we’re incredibly proud of. Our parent company, Danomi, has been a massive part of our journey to date, and will continue to be as we grow. They help us with all manner of business support, as well as creating a network of sister companies with ambitions in line with ours.

In addition to giving us the opportunity to work with these internal sister companies, we were very excited to be able to work on the brand for Danomi themselves! They had found themselves in a position where they’d outgrown their brand and needed a complete overhaul,  and we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the project from the word go.

So as a company focused on offering business development services it was pretty clear early on that the brand identity is very corporate. We love the name of the company and it really lends itself to a modern and stylish brand. An important part of the brief was scalability and versatility, with the brand needing to look good on a business card, the side of a van and signage of all shapes and forms.

from concept to creation

The client actually had a nice and clear vision for the colour scheme, as well as a vague idea of the sort of style they desired the logo to be. We took this foundation and built a brand the owner could be proud of. It needed to be classy but modern and energetic, given their ambition to provide innovative business development in this digital era.

The first thing we worked on was the logo itself. It was quite important to create something that was versatile in terms of how the logo could be presented. Logos come in numerous forms and we opted to go down the route of a shape accompanied by text. The text is in a very well made typeset with a range of fonts and styles perfect for dynamic branding. This was the easy part.

Next came the logo shape, so we started out by coming up with a batch of concepts to convey a modern and innovative brand. One quickly came to the fore, and after a couple of tweaks we were there. A fresh bright blue primary colour was requested by the client, which we thought would pair perfectly with a nice deep bluey grey to help balance it while making it ‘pop’ with a complementary contrast.

taking things online

With the brand looking great, we were then ready to set about building the Danomi website. The user experience  having an emphasis on  clean simplicity was very important, with focus on the companies in their portfolio – of which we are one! The site needed to be informative but in a clean and minimal way, not going overboard trying to generate sales.

When you land on the website, the first thing you see is Danomi’s clean and vibrant branding accompanied by the logos of the three primary brands in their hand-picked portfolio. This is actually mirrored by the design on the van (more on that in a later post) as the cross-platform uniformity of the Danomi brand really started to take form.

As well as informing the user about their portfolio of brands, it is always important to give information about what the user has come to find out about. In this instance you have to presume they’re here out of interest in Danomi. With that in mind, the website is still quite content rich in a way that’s less obtrusive. Those who wish to find out more can do so very easily and those who don’t aren’t affected.




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